Creation of Human Gods: The synthetic human genome project and third strand DNA

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  1. jack daugherty says:

    I think that the chip is still the obvious mark of the beast in that it can not only track an individual and store all of an individuals information, it can also ve used to send signals to the brain in order to control the individual.
    Similarly, the chip can also be used to release dna altering chemicals or treatment.
    We know from the Bible that anyone who recieves the mark is damned eternally. I believe this is in consequence to the taking over of the persons ‘will’ as well as the genetic mutations that occur causing the “grevious sores” to come upon those recieving the chip.
    Perhaps the reason for the outbreak of these sores is that the technology is not completely vetted and is rushed into use as an expedient for control. I will not be taking any chips.
    I believe we are very close to the implementation of the chip. As soon as we have the next World War, the AC will arise and demand the chip be taken.

    • Georgann Ryan (Internet Pilgrim) says:

      It appears that the chip (or the electronic tattoo) certainly will play a role. But it may entail mind control, altered DNA, etc. as well. Your thought about the sores relating to chips makes very good sense; I saw something similar with the early replacement of joints where the pins festered and were rejected by someone’s body, migrating and pushing through the skin. It was hideous.
      Altered DNA, transhumanism and/or mind control also would seem to play a significant role since there is no repentance possible, and Revelation speaks first of those who wish to die and cannot, then of some thrown alive into the lake of fire at the end. As time passes and we see more of the technology and direction of societal change into which we’re being pushed, it gets clearer what’s ahead.
      Thanks for reading and commenting; I hope you’ll subscribe both to this blog and to the 666 Surveillance System blog since the subject matter in both is starting to overlap with new developments.

  2. jack daugherty says:

    Amen. I am a subscriber to both. I even went over to Mr. McTiernans site and listened to some blog casts. I have a tremendous disagreement with his stance on the Zionists and the AntiChrist nation of Israel. What he needs to understand is that all occult is based on Kabbalah and that the Jews are the chief purveyors of it. The grossly wicked Talmud which is their guide in all things states that my Lord was a magician who is burning in hell in a vat of excrement and that sex with babies of goyim is o.k. God bless you and your work.

    • Georgann Ryan (Internet Pilgrim) says:

      I’ve approved your comment, but I think there may be things you haven’t considered – and I hope you’ll do so. First, try listening to some of John’s appearances on Sid Roth and Prophecy in the News where he discusses his book, “As America Has Done to Israel.” There’s a reason why the mainstream media and so many nations are against them, and it’s spiritual. There isn’t space here for a long discussion of the topic, but I’d gladly correspond with you privately. The thing that’s most important to remember is that it isn’t the Jews (or their writings) which are evil; it’s the use that the enemy makes of them. Even JR Church referred to the Kaballah in certain points to shed light on biblical teachings, and he was one of the mightiest men of God of his generation. And the same is true of the Luciferians who use the Bible, but pervert it in order to see Lucifer as the good Light Bearer, and Yahweh as the evil god limiting mankind. Anything that has spiritual roots can be and will be perverted by the enemy, and that’s especially true today in the time of spiritual confusion that is coming on the earth. The PITN videos are on my vimeo page: The Sid Roth videos all are available on YouTube. My email address is on my YouTube page: I hope to hear from you!

      It seems the vimeo link isn’t showing correctly & is demanding a password so here’s the first PITN video – from there click on my name to find the next one:

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