3 Tech Giants Quietly Investing in Synthetic Biology 

“The introduction and widespread adoption of fun new gadgets, games, and services in the last 15 years has provided billions of dollars of revenues and profits to the technology companies innovative (and lucky) enough to grab your attention. So if I asked what you think will fuel the growth of today’s technology giants in the next 15 years, what would your answer be? You might say familiar or trendy terms… [a]nd while those are likely partially correct answers, there’s a tremendous amount of growth to be had from a rather unlikely source.

It might be difficult to believe that companies that have traditionally relied on silicon chips, mobile apps, and lines of software code could profit from something as seemingly disconnected as making biological engineering as predictable as traditional engineering fields, but a closer look into research and development spending hints that it may not be that far-fetched after all.

Computer-aided design, or CAD, software has revolutionized how our world is built. But the seamless efficiency and accuracy won’t be relegated to digital movies, buildings, engine parts, and airplanes for long. Autodesk is investing in bioCAD tools for synthetic biology applications through Project Cyborg…Autodesk Chief Technology Officer Jeff Kowalski considers design tools for synthetic biology a more lucrative opportunity than even 3D printing. That’s big talk, especially considering that the company plans to invest $100 million into 3D printing start-ups over the next several years, but he might be right.”


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